This page provides some links to other websites and further information that you may find useful and helpful. Please note that rethink counselling services has no affiliation with any of the sites listed here: they are information sources only.


Survivors of Abuse

  • 1in6: a great website providing information and support aimed at men who have had unwanted sexual experiences, and their partners, friends, and family.

Addictions and Substance Abuse

  • Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse: Call rethink (604.803.2600) if you have questions about substance abuse. We have a broad range of experience in this field and can help you to obtain a referral for treatment, as well as explain the role of counselling in substance abuse treatment and recovery.

Human Sexuality Issues

  • the ultimate Canadian website devoted to sexuality education and information. This site provides credible and reliable information on many topics related to sexuality.
  • Libida: an online catalog and store featuring information on sex toys, book, videos. This site is primarily aimed at women but is also useful for men.
  • Little Sisters Bookstore: a gay and lesbian bookstore in downtown Vancouver BC, with a wide array of resources plus online shopping for sexually-related merchandise.
  • Come as you are: Canada’s first cooperatively run sex-toy, book, and video store.
  • Babeland: Seattle’s hippest sex store.

General Links to Mental Health sites

Eating Disorders

  • NEDIC: the National Eating Disorder Information Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, informing and advocating support for disordered eating.

Divorce and Separation Information

  • provides divorce information and help, developed and written by divorce lawyers and family law attorneys to answer your questions.
  • Collaborative Divorce BC: the alternative to a ‘nasty’ divorce is to create a collaborative separation, which seeks to minimize the negative economic, social, and emotional consequences of traditional family law litigation. Teams of professionals work together with family members towards a more positive outcome. The process depends on the unique needs and circumstances of each family.
  • Divorceinfo: great information and links about how to handle divorce and how to cope with children’s fears and questions.
  • Helpguide on children and divorce: a useful website page concerning how to help children deal with divorce or separation. Also a great resource for other areas.

Violence, Families, Youth, and Support

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