Drug and alcohol abuse

Do you use drugs or alcohol to numb yourself?

Have drugs or alcohol become a habit in your life, taking up more space than you like?

Do you feel you need something to cover your anxiety or boost your self-esteem in social situations?

People have many reasons for using drugs or alcohol, and for each person the reasons are different. But at the core is an unresolved personal dilemma that needs to be worked through with the help of a trusted professional.

At rethink I have extensive experience working with drug and alcohol abuse. I've worked in outpatient clinics, detox centres, and with members of Vancouver's downtown eastside community. I also have experience working with clients who are struggling with sexual issues.

Quitting drugs and alcohol is hard work and it requires commitment to a desired goal. For each person the reasons for quitting are different. rethink can help you to realize your personal goal and walk you through the steps along the way.

Free 30 minute consultation

If you’re not sure about counselling, or about rethink, I offer a free 30-minute consultation. I don’t ask for any commitment: you just need to show up, ask questions, and determine whether you feel comfortable.

If you’d like to book a 30 minute session, call 604.803.2600.

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