What clients say about their experience with rethink

Below you can read what some of my clients have to say about the time they've spent with me at rethink counselling services.

(All quotations are published with consent, and names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.)

“I've always had anxiety and performance issues when getting intimate with girls. I would put so much pressure on maintaining an erection that more often than not, I was unsuccessful. This led me to drinking excessively, thinking that would solve the problem, or even avoiding opportunities with girls that clearly expressed an interest in me. Doug helped me talk through my issues and pinpoint the reasons I was having difficulty. Most importantly, he helped reshape my mindset and gave me the tools necessary to be successful in the future. Ever since, I’ve met some amazing women, had some great times, and moved on with my life! Thanks again Doug.” Robbie V.

“I was in a rough moment in my life, and needed to talk to someone. Doug was there, and gave me amazing advice on how to improve my life, which still today helps me tremendously. He made a huge difference, and I am very happy I sought some help. I have always felt comfortable talking about my issues, and never felt judged for who I am. If I ever need some more help in the future, I would definitely give him a call without hesitation.” Micah R.

“Unfortunately I was sexually abused as a child, which led to some pretty outrageous patterns of behaviour and negative thought cycles since childhood. I can honestly say that once Doug helped me realize that these character traits were a result of being a victim, not necessarily who I really was, I changed.

“And the change has been profound.

“And it's truly a testament to Doug. I have been to other counsellors in my lifetime, but no one has been able to identify my issues and help me through them.

“Doug has calmly and warmly helped me talk about painful past memories, identify negative frameworks, sort out my feelings, and help me move on. He creates a very safe environment for you to open up in.

“I know I still have some more ‘work’ to do with Doug, we aren't finished yet, but I'm so glad to know he is there to help me.” Carol H.

“At a very dark time in my life, Doug Elliott's professional contribution was compassionate, insightful and uncompromising. He has my gratitude, as well as my unqualified recommendation to anyone having difficulty managing their emotional selves.“ Samuel Y.

“When I met Doug I believed I was deeply flawed as a person and that my ‘problems’ were insurmountable. I honestly felt that way and the last thing I wanted was to be mollified with words of optimistic encouragement. I wanted a straight-to-the-point, realistic, and understanding approach to my issues, and concrete steps to take that would help me better myself and overcome my problems. That's just what I got from Doug.

“I felt like I was being genuinely listened to, compassionately, and approached with an intelligent mind. I was treated with respect, with honesty, and a straight forwardness I admire and respond to. I was able to see my path laid out a lot more clearly and was given the nudge I needed to move forward. Doug was exactly what I needed.” Denise T.

“We would like to say thank you very much for all of your help this year. You never cease to amaze us with your intuitive insight into our particular relationship and of course our relationship issues.

“We were not quite sure what to expect when we started our sessions with you as we had never done ‘relationship counselling’ before, but your easy-going personality and, most importantly, the ease with which you were able to get us to open up so quickly about ourselves has made this an enjoyable experience.

“Thank you so much for making us laugh about things that we never thought we would laugh about again. The homework that you gave us to do has allowed us to understand which things in our relationship should be a priority and which ones are really not that important. We have actually learned to just ‘let the latter go’. That took a lot by the way, so thank you for showing us the importance of taking baby steps to improve adult issues!

“We look forward to meeting with you again.” Janice & William D.

“The best lesson to learn in life is to be yourself; this is what Doug Elliott has taught me. Doug has taught me how to be me, how to be comfortable with me, and most importantly how to accept me. This is the most important relationship in life. Thanks Doug!” Martin V.

“I found Doug supplied the right level of professionalism and openness that enabled me to feel at ease and in a safe environment. He helped me to re-order my scrambled thoughts and see more clearly how I was dealing with things, and to find new more positive approaches to my life and my ‘problems’. Most importantly, he never told me what to do or put words in my mouth, though he did provide me with some valuable tools for dealing with life whilst also encouraging me to find my own solutions. I never felt patronised or blamed.” John F.

“When I came to Doug I was having difficulties with depression, anxiety, anger, and self image. After every session, I understood my emotions better and questioned more of the beliefs that were affecting my self-image. Before too long I had control over all of these problems and we began to work on assertiveness. The result is that I live a much happier life, have better relationships, and can deal with problems that arise in a manner that respects both myself and others.“ Barry C.

“When I first walked into Doug's office I was nervous and not sure how things would work out. Doug immediately put me at ease and I found I could be open with him. What I liked most about Doug was anytime I went for counselling he would ask what the problem was today. Doug knew me so well that he sensed when I was telling fibs!

“My counseling with Doug has made me a better person, as we dealt with the present and, if needed, we talked about my past. He has given me helpful literature to read and think about. Doug gave me assignments to do before each session. Some of the counselors I have seen in the past would plan what I would be talking about.

“Doug's technique had a very positive effect on working out my concerns. Communicating with Doug led to a better understanding of myself and contributed greatly to solving my problems. My time spent with Doug was most rewarding and again I am a better person for this.“ Darlene M.

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